bharatayatra January 2011

The magic of image and space, light and darkness, of object and silhouette

Silhouette plantation against the sunset, Baramati, 13 January 2011

You think you see something, and yet you do not see what you cannot see. One can see the trees in this photograph, in silhouette, against the sunset, and yet we do not see that the silhouette has been caused by the space between the trees, and that space is actually non-matter. It is there, and yet, it is not there.

The amrutulya (tea-shop) with Madhubala as inspiration 

Sudarshana Chakra homam at Balaji temple, Pashan, Pune

The magic of groundnut chutney of Maharashtra

Teaching vegetable forestry to women panchayat members at Vidya Pratishtan, Baramati

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